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Implementing Graphs in Typescript

22 October, 2020;
  • project: we-cook-sometimes|
  • javascript|
  • typescript|
  • data structures|
  • algorithms|
  • graphs

What? Recently, I've been working on we-cook-sometimes and came across a part of it that presented an interesting opportunity. One of the…

Query parameters in Gatsby

18 August, 2020;
  • project:|
  • problem solution|
  • javascript|
  • typescript|
  • gatsby|
  • react|
  • reach router

Recently, I just finished adding all of the blog functionality I needed to this website. While I ran into a host of new to me problems while…

Missing Rust's Result type in Typescript

09 November, 2020;
  • project: we-cook-sometimes|
  • rust|
  • typescript|
  • type systems|
  • error handling

When I first started learning programming, I began where many do: the weak, dynamic typing of Javascript. As a result, I didn't understand…