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18 August, 2020

Just a quick introduction to the goals of this blog:

  1. Share completed projects
  2. Document works in progress
  3. Discuss problems I've had difficulty with & what solutions I've found

I intend to start with a more detailed post about the making of this website, as well as some other projects I've completed previously. As I write those, I'll likely be posting some information about a few upcoming projects, including a recipe web-app to make it easier to browse & share all of my existing recipes currently stored on Trello in addition to a budgeting app for my wife & I to use since we found we don't like anything else we've used so far. Later, I hope to finally get some work done on a home security system starting with the Raspberry Pi based sensor modules I've built in Python & re-building it in Rust, then adding control panels & alarm state logic using a microservices architecture.


Do you have any questions or comments about anything? I'd love to hear from you! Send me a message using the form or any of the social media platforms below, or just send me an email at